I’ve been neglecting COAEGM, and I feel bad, I really do. I would like to blame it on being busy with writing for other sites, spending all my time playing the latest new video game, my new found interesting in WWE or even that I have been trying to learn Japanese.  But I can’t, The neglect boils down to two reasons. My unhealthy addiction to the cesspool that is League of Legends and the recent season of Anime giving me exactly what I have been craving for so long. Since I won’t be ranting about League of Legends and feeders, let’s talk about what I am watching this weekend!

In Another World With My Smart Phone


If you were going to describe it to someone as subway doors close, how would you pitch it?

A boy gets killed accidentally so God agrees to reincarnate him in an alternate world and lets him take his phone with him.

Why am I watching?

I enjoyed Konosuba and this seems like a more toned-down version of that so far. Also, it’s light hearted and fun which is what I have been looking for. Also, I am curious as to why he decided to keep his smartphone and how that’s going to factor in, but mostly I am here for the laughs.

Classroom of the Elite


If you were going to describe it to someone as subway doors close, how would you pitch it?

A School that claims to shape the future leaders of Japan, has an interesting caste system based on test scores.

Why am I watching?

Baka to Test is one of my favorite Anime of all time. In fact, I can safely say that it is Number 2 behind Outlaw Star. Class Room of the Elite looks to be a more serious version of Baka, also I am only two episodes in so I’m not sure if it’s going to get more or less serious, but I am intrigued enough to want to see it through until the end.

Clean Freak! Aoyama Kun


If you were going to describe it to someone as subway doors close, how would you pitch it?

A Soccer star with OCD when it comes to being clean and cleaning deals with life, in hilarious ways, without saying much.

Why am I watching?

This show is hilarious, plain and simple. While they do sometimes dip their toes into how serious and difficult it can be for someone who has severe germaphobia, it is mostly about the silly characters around Aoyama. I enjoy the ridiculousness with a hint of soccer, it’s a nice change of pace from everyone wanting to be Goku or Setsuna F. Seiei in every serious anime.



If you were going to describe it to someone as subway doors close, how would you pitch it?

A show about people who like to play video games, but throws a curveball at you when you’re least ready for it.

Why am I watching?

The premise of a kid who likes video games, joining the video game club at his school was enough to get me to watch the first episode. Even when it seemed like they were setting me up for a classic Anime trope, I was still here for it, because it was funny. Then they threw a curveball, which I did not see coming and now I am ALL IN on Gamers! There are a few predictable things in it, don’t get me wrong, but the initial plot twist was enough to stimulate the part of my brain that closes off certain plot points when predictability seems evident. So now I am much more attentive which has made me enjoy how funny this anime is.

If you haven’t noticed the running theme was laughs and hilarity. There are so many things that are dramatic and way too serious enough in the world and in Anime so I was looking for more lighthearted options to help to balance things out. Let me know if you’re watching these shows as well and if you’re enjoying them. I am also open to your suggestions for other anime out during this season, so drop some in the comments.

Until next time folks!



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