A couple of weeks ago, I was out here soliciting suggestions for a funny anime to watch. You folks out there came back with some great suggestions, which I watched and enjoyed. However, I again need your help to find something to watch, something funny to help pass the time in between waiting for football to come back and finding a new game I want to play.

Before the suggestions fly in, I need to warn you that I have seen a lot of anime. So, any suggestion is going to have to be either super far off the beaten path, extremely new or fairly old. Also, because I know this will be a suggestion, I have watched Uchouten Kazoku, I finished that last weekend, both seasons. In fact, it’s partially the reason I need something hilarious to watch. While that anime was great and I really enjoyed it, if I’m being frank, it fucked me up. The issues Yajirou was having surrounding his father, drummed up issues I didn’t even realize I had. Also, the whole dynamic between Yasaburou and Benten was all too familiar. So while it was great and funny, I have been DEEP in the feelings since.

With that in mind please no comedy-drama suggestions unless the drama is mild. I’m looking for something along the lines of Baka to Test, Konosuba, Aho-girl and Hayate no Gotoku.

Fire away in the comments!


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