So I have some friends who watch WWE and lately, them commenting about it on the group text thread got me interested, and I decided to watch a bit of it. Unfortunately for me, my first experience back since the mid 00’s was the match featuring Sasha Banks. Unfortunately, because I was mesmerized, and subsequently hooked, on what was going on, mostly with her arc.

Fast forward a couple weeks, and a friend said, you should live blog the Great Balls of Fire PPV since you’ve been watching recently. I thought to myself, that’s a great idea! So here I go! I’m live Blogging my first WWE Pay per view.


5:28 pm: I was late to the Party because I forgot it was on! But I’m here now, just in time to see this guy Enzo, who has been bugging me all week.

5:33 pm: I just want to say, I don’t really know characters or their names, so apologies in advance for that. However, I know I don’t like Enzo because he’s been talking mess since the last RAW I watched and all I remember is he caught a boot to the face.

5:42 pm: Wait a minute… Is Cass the bad guy?! People like Enzo?! I am a tad bit shocked.

5:43 pm: Hahahaha, this guy keeps catching the boot!

5:49 pm: 30 Minute Iron Man match?! I guess I’ll go find something for dinner, smh.

6:20 pm; OK so the last 1:30 was pretty lit. Swanton Bombs still get me hyped.

6:30 pm: Sasha Banks is so gorgeous, I just want to be the loving, supportive, husband she deserves. I’d go to alllll the wine and paint nights she ever wanted to go to!

6:43 pm: OMFG!!! That was the equivalent of backdooring with Master Yi! You can’t do Sasha like that!!! Kurt angle better gimme a title match tomorrow on RAW!

7:04 pm: As long as Miz is married to Maryse, can he ever really lose?

7:29 pm: This ambulance match makes me want to pre-order WWE 18

7:33 pm: WOW! This is some serious entertainment going on, I forgot how fun WWE can be.

7:42 pm: This is some phenomenal acting.

7:45 pm: I feel bad for those guys wrestling, while everyone was watching the split screen of what was going on in the back.

7:57 pm: Samoa Joe has some moves!

8:05 pm: Wow, that was a fun event! I guess when you just take it for what it is, entertainment, it can be really fun! I am going to have to check out RAW tomorrow night to see what goes down though.


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