It’s a good weekend to catch up on Anime, but I need some suggestions guys! What are you watching? Anything good out there that I need to check out? I’ve been watching Dragonball Super and Boku no Hero Academia, but is there anything fun and funny out there? Eromanga sensei was a little… loli love heavy, Love Tyrant isnt bad but what else is out there? It doesn’t have to be something new, but I want something to make me laugh like Baka to Test did.

Leave me some suggestions and ill take a peak, if not I guess ill just rewatch Baka to Test again.

Have a good weekend yall!


8 thoughts on “What are you watching this weekend?

    1. Ive seen One Punch Man, but I burnt out on Space Dandy and Gankutsuou. Maybe ill check out Planetarian Chiisana Hoshi No Yume but I need something light hearted and fun.


  1. Try Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei. It’s not for everyone with its dark humour, but it does make you laugh while questioning yourself why you’re laughing. Sakamoto desu Ga is another weirdly funny one.

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    1. Those are two great suggestions, Zetsubou sensei was good, but it’s a little too dark for what I am looking for. I also enjoyed Sakamoto desu Ga but I am not quite ready to watch it again.


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