Welcome to another Grinding through the Galaxy.

I am happy to report Star Citizen is still going strong in production as the push to 3.0, due to drop this month, continues.

These past weeks, two games have occupied my time. The first game is Stellaris.

The same crew who made the Crusader Kings series and Hearts of Iron series made Stellaris. Paradox Interactive has done a stellar (pun intended) job of creating, what it would be like trying to run a fledgling empire in the vast emptiness of space. The game is not a traditional “4x Strategy” game. There are no turns, the game is real-time, however, you can pause/speed up the gameplay. This creates a lightweight sense of urgency (nothing crazy though), where you can’t just sit and stare at your screen for an hour then hit the end turn button.

There are premade factions, but the real fun comes when you create your own from the ground up. You can select what type of species your civilization is, what their ships look like, what their traits/strengths/weaknesses are, what weapon technology they start with and even what technology they utilize to traverse the universe. The game has an incredible amount of depth to it. I have only played a few games but it is incredibly hard to walk away from, especially when I am preparing for war against a mushroom species on my left and trying to make peace with an arachnid species on my right. Your leaders grow old and die, so you have to replace them with new ones, which adds a certain level of excitement and anxiety at the same time.

Another feature that I like is the real time battles. When a fleet engages another fleet, it happens in real time. There are no loading screens; just action. There are chances you can capture ships to incorporate it into your navy as well. Time in-game is measured by days, which pass about every 1.5 seconds of real life time. Which contributes to the rumors I have heard that it take a while to complete games. Science and research is a very important part of Stellaris.

Assigning scientists to the three different branches will eventually launch your crazy plant species to rule the universe. They just launched some DLC that allows you to build rim world Utopias or even build a giant superstructure around a star to deprive your opponents any resources from a particular system.

All and all, it is an awesome game to try out. It’s currently $30.00 on Steam but it goes on sale every once and awhile. Definitely, check it out if you are a fan of space strategy games.

The second game that has been occupying my time may come off a little weird. World of Warships. A good ship/naval game sparked my friends and my interest back when we were playing Navy Field. World of Warships is a lobby based ship fighting game, set in the time period leading up to World War 2 and during the war. The game is made by the same company that made the extremely popular World of Tanks. There are currently 5 nations; USA, Germany, UK, USSR, and Japan. There are a decent amount of ships to choose from and different classes, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship, and Carrier.

The graphics are stunning and everything comes together great when you are trading salvos with another Battleship. The game recently included Co-Op battles where you and a team of players battle the AI. It also introduced missions. You can complete missions, similar to daily quests in other games, i.e. destroy 5 ships in a single match or deal 20,000 damage. The rounds last about 10 minutes or so, never longer than 20. The victory condition is always to get 1000 points before the opposing team but there are different match types such as Domination, which is capture 3 points on the map, Team Deathmatch or capture the enemy base and another extended Domination where there are 4 points to capture, very close together. Of course, if you destroy the enemy team before either team reaches 1000 points, you will win the match.

Once you reach a certain level, each ship you have will have a captain, which gains experience every battle, which in turn gives you access to commander skills. Commander skills aren’t anything crazy but help you here and there. You can earn “signal flags” that give you bonuses for the battle and different types of camouflage, which also give you bonuses.

The game is free, however, you can use real money to buy signal flags, camouflage, and premium ships. Premium ships give you more XP in battle which you can then transfer to other ships to level up their guns, engine etc.

There is a tech/tier tree to even things out a bit. So don’t worry if you have a level 3 ship, you won’t be facing off against tier 10 ships.

Great game if you enjoy ships, the controls are super easy to pick up so you can get underway fast!.

Anyways that’s it for now, check out the org below! Let me know if any of you out there have any suggestions for games, let me know!


I also created an Org in Star Citizen, Deus Umbra Logistics. We have our own Discord channel and everything. Drop on by and say Hi here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/DULOG

Our discord code is here: Jg7U2Zq

Until next time, fly dangerous.


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