Welcome to another episode of Grinding through the Galaxy.  Well, Star Citizen is still chugging along in production with lots of cool things in store at the end of June. But today, I’ll lay off the SC stuff. I have played a few games here and there but it has been a very busy week work wise so I apologize.

My friends, who know me, know I am an avid War Hammer 40k fan. I have collected several of the armies for the tabletop game and thoroughly enjoyed the Dawn of War computer game series.  Dawn of War 3 launched this past week to very mixed reviews. The game looks amazing but I have heard the grumbling that the game tries to be a MOBA and an RTS.; more so a MOBA by actually creating lanes between player bases and turrets by the resource outposts. Now, WH40k is about massive armies and battles clashing over massive factory cities and other amazing landscapes. It seems as though the devs of DOW3 were trying to cash in on the MOBA craze as of late. The game looks graphically great but I think I will pass until SOMEONE can get the massive feel of WH40K. Again, very brief impressions, I have no played the game. It is currently on Steam for $60.00. Meh.

Now onto games, I have actually played.

Cloud Pirates on the PC. Cloud Pirates is a FTP game on Steam that is actually pretty cool. It is an arena game similar to the World of Tanks genre. Except, it has to do with Pirates (obviously). Also, the ships can fly in a 3D space, due to some sort of technology. The game is made by the studio that made Allods Online. The visual are cool. You can customize your ship with tiered weapons, engines, shields and then you can add decals to your sails etc. The gameplay is tight and actually a lot of fun. There are different ship classes from small and agile hitters to large galleons that hit hard, have a lot of hit points and can buff the team. I definitely recommend picking this up and at least giving this a try.

A game I have really been playing and looking forward to a final release, besides SC, is Endless Space 2. It is still in “early access” but it is pretty much finished. ES2 is a 4x game set on building a mighty space-faring empire. The backstories of the civilizations are excellent along with the respective art. Truly great. The gameplay is great as well. The level of detail is great; from colonizing planets to building a mighty fleet to expand your empire through sheer domination. You can also customize your ships down to the weapons, shields, and engine to tweak them to your play style. I also like the wrinkle of planetary combat. You have to amass man power then split them between armor (tanks), infantry and air power. The games take a while to play and there is a lot going on every turn but it is definitely worth a try.

Another cool game is Dropzone. It is a MOBA but with a twist. Instead of each player controlling one “hero”, you control three. I haven’t spent a ton of time with it but it is pretty cool. The graphics are great and the gameplay felt tight.

As SC chugs along in development, I will continue to find games to bide the time. One of the games that helped was Red Tides. My crew and I loved this game. It was early access on steam for a bit then the devs cruelly took it away so they could finish development. Whatever that means. It was essentially similar to Nexus Wars, a mod of StarCraft that I think everyone played. It has 3 unique factions with commander skills and the like. We had developed certain strategies which worked quite well and we were having a ton of fun playing it. There were rumors of it coming to PS4, which I hope it does. I just hope the devs hurry up and finish this great time killer of a game the crew can climb the leader boards.

I also created an Org in SC, Deus Umbra Logistics. We have our own Discord channel and everything.  Drop on by and say Hi here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/DULOG

Our discord code is here: Jg7U2Zq

Until next time, fly dangerous.


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