When I first decided to start Confessions of an Electronic General Manager, I did so because of my weird cross-section of interests and my desire to write about them. Then when I decided to start this project I realized, this is the exact kind of thing COAEGM was created for, an intersection of my favorite things with some of my favorite people.

While I was working on some things for Conquest Chronicles about the NFL Draft, I thought to myself, drafting is fun, but fantasy football is so far away, how can I scratch that draft itch?

Well, I came up with an Idea and…

I’d like to announce and welcome everyone to the 2017 Confessions of an Electronic General Manager Anime Super Draft!

I know what you’re thinking! How is this going to work?

Well, let me explain.

The contestants will have 14 slots they will have to fill with their draft picks. Those roles are:

  • Mastermind
  • Villain
  • Villain Lieutenant 1
  • Villain Lt. 2
  • Love interest of the villain who joins up with the heroes to save villain
  • Leader of the hero team
  • Love interest of the leader
  • Spurned lover of the leaders love interest, who betrays the heroes (Villain lt. 3)
  • Hero Lieutenant 1
  • Hero Lt. 2
  • Comic relief hero No super power
  • Opening theme to cross over
  • Main hero theme/ battle theme
  • Ending theme:


The rules for the draft are simple, all characters and songs must be from anime, fringe shows like Avatar or Samurai jack are not acceptable. The big rule is that ONLY ONE CHARACTER PER ANIME. So, no one will be able to load up from a single anime. Also, only one theme per anime, however, you can have one character and one theme from the same show.

It’s pretty simple, right?

Now the next thing you’re wondering is how would we score it?

Well, since there are no games to score the lineups like in fantasy football. Each team will be judged by a specially chosen panel. The panel will plug all of the contestants into a premade scenario and will judge it as if they are watching a special crossover episode starring all the characters that were drafted by each contestant.  The winning contestant will be the one that the judges deem, would have put on the best episode, had there actually been a crossover.

The scenario is simply broken down as follows:

  • The villain will invade the Heroes Realm and will be four to five times Stronger than normal.
  • Villain and villain Lt 1&2 will take over the main city in hero’s realm create a fortress and unleash putty patrol type enemies (putties match average strength of heroes)
  • Hero must assemble team to storm castle
  • Hero team will head towards castle, fighting army of putties
  • Comic relief hero will sacrifice themselves so the heroes can make it into the cast
  • Villain lt. 2 will fight hero lt. 2 so team can move on deeper into castle
  • Villain lt 1. Will fight hero lt. 1 so hero and L.I. (love interest) can move on
  • Villain lt 3 AKA betrayer will face off vs Hero and LI, LI will deliver killing blow
  • Team will reassemble to defeat villain, villain will be defeated and mastermind will be revealed
  • Villain joins hero team to defeat mastermind
  • Comic relief hero revived to have a happy ending.

The contestants will have to think about how each of their picks will fit into this scenario and how entertaining will an episode featuring their lineup and music would be.

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