After seeing the teaser trailer for the next installment of the Star Wars saga, the hype within me hit fever pitch. I cannot wait for The Last Jedi, but after letting the trailer sink in for a moment I immediately texted my friends. All the ones who get as hype over Star Wars as I do, ask if they had seen the trailer and what they thought. One who is steeped in lore like I am, had the same thought I did after seeing the trailer. Which I will get into later.

The second friend I texted about the trailer did two things for me. First, he explained how you can tell if your SO is the one. It’s finding someone you’re willing to wait for to watch the new Star Wars trailer with. Now besides understanding true love, this friend also has great logistical skills and can see the non-fanboy side of franchises. So while I was spouting theories left and right about things he hit me with a little bit of reality.
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This text got me thinking hard, and I’m going to call my shot about The Last Jedi. Since I’ve seen other people agreeing with my Fin theory from The Force Awakens I decided to get this down in writing early so when all the fan theories start after this one you can all send them here and tell them King Pojax was on the trail early!
I’m not going to break the trailer down bit by bit but here’s my theory on what’s going on and what’s going to take place. So, Star Wars begins way in episode one with Anakin, the boy who is said to have been birthed through a convergence in the force, making him the chosen one. The Jedi are aware of this possibility but like most people, when it comes to balance or equality, what they really mean is tipped in their favor.

So, the Jedi train Anakin thinking balance means he’ll destroy the Sith, but we know if you destroy one side of the equation, that’s not balanced. However, Anakin does exactly as the prophecy says, he brings balance to the force. Two Jedi masters, Two Sith Lords. Now I know you’re going to immediately say oh well this Jedi and this Jedi is still out there along with this Sith and that running around. But think of it like this, if we were to balance the light side and dark side on a scale you would have two large pieces on each side. Lord Vader and Emperor Palpatine on one side, Yoda and Obi-wan on the other.All other force users would be like sand on the scale, yes, they are present, but not heavy enough to tip the scale in either way.

I’m not talking about numbers I’m talking about power. Also, for the maul fans out there yeah, I just called your boy sand compared to Lord Vader, honestly, they should have left maul dead, he’s a punk as- You know what? That’s not the point right now, but you get where I’m coming from.
Fast forward through the original trilogy and we arrive at The Force Awakens, where even though we’re not sure about them and their circumstances we still have balance. A powerful Jedi in Luke Skywalker, and his new fledgling Jedi. And someone clearly trained in the dark side, even though he remains enigmatic in Supreme Leader Snoke.  Kylo Ren kills, as far as we know, all the padawans who were training under Luke Skywalker. Causing Luke to question everything and go looking for the original Jedi homeworld.
Now hold that thought as we jump to Rey.
I believe Rey to a similar convergence in the force as Anakin Skywalker, whether she is related to the Skywalker family or not I cannot say but I’m willing to be she is a “chosen one.” Luke, understanding the circumstances around her birth, hides her on Jakku, 1. Because he doesn’t want to take this little girl with him on a special mission. 2. For her own safety, hidden from supreme leader Snoke or 3. To test his own theory about Rey being a chosen one. I believe Rey’s purpose is to bring balance to the force. I think when she finds her way back to Luke Skywalker that confirms his beliefs that she’s the chosen one and that he has to properly train her.
In the Last Jedi trailer, you hear Luke Skywalker asking Rey what she sees, and she replies, Light, Darkness and the balance. Now my theory is that Luke While searching for the ancient Jedi ways has found that third faction that my friend had mentioned for his sales or merchandising. This is also the faction my first friend I thought when seeing the trailer. There is going to be an introduction to the Gray Jedi. Gray Jedi are essentially Jedi who use all of the force at their will to maintain balance in the galaxy, not just powers typically associated with one side or the other.

I believe Luke has noticed the cycle of death and destruction that has arisen around the battles between the Jedi and the Sith and he seeks to put an end to this cycle permanently. I think that this is referenced in the teaser where Luke says “I have only one truth, that the Jedi must end.”  I believe this is in reference to balance, if there are Jedi, the force will undoubtedly create more Sith to maintain balance. Because of this Luke is going to train Rey to be a Gray Jedi, a true neutral, and not only dispose of Kylo Ren, Snoke and the Knights of Ren but eventually be given the daunting task of making sure no more Jedi arise after him.
Now everyone else might be on to this theory as well, but I got a little extra kicker for you, because I don’t think the conflict is going to be how does Rey handle being tasked with mantle of upholding the true neutrality of the Gray Jedi, when that could mean her turning on Luke Skywalker. I think the conflict is going to arrive when she realizes her close friend Finn is going to be the Jedi she has to deal with. I believe Finn is 100% Force-sensitive and will be a full-fledged Jedi either at the end of The Last Jedi or the start of the third movie.
Now I know that was a lot to take in and if your brain hasn’t busted a leak or this isn’t far too nerdy for you and you haven’t left a long time ago, you’re probably thinking, “What makes you say all this?” Well, the Gray Jedi are a part of the extended universe of Star Wars and their symbol is very close to the symbol seen when Rey talks about the balance in the teaser trailer.  Balance through the subjugation of the light and dark is already something that has been lightly explored in canon.

The Clone Wars season 3, episode 15, Overlords. Anakin, Obi-wan, and Ashoka come across a conduit in the force, in which there are three very powerful force users. One who was extremely strong in the light side, Daughter. One extremely powerful with the dark side, Son. Then there was the third who kept them both in check, the Father. Now in this arc the Father is dying and needs the Chosen one, Anakin to take his place and maintain the balance between his two children. I believe this premise is going to be the basis for The Last Jedi. Rey will be the chosen one and she will have to be the one to subjugate both the light and the dark sides of the force so the rest of the galaxy can have peace.
And even if I’m completely wrong I’m still super hyped for this movie and can’t wait to go see it!
If you haven’t seen the trailer here it is, below.

let me know what you think!
Until next time!
May the force be with you!


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