Welcome to another episode of Grinding through the Galaxy.  I’ve been on a long journey since the last update. I have completely dropped Elite: Dangerous. I have been in Star Citizen trying to master combat and disrupt the space trade lanes (the extremely limited one in the alpha state and there is no trade currently but; Imagination!). Star Citizen I think will be great and the game my crew has been looking for. I know its still in development and all of that…I get it. This isn’t a “Star Citizen is the best post”, but damn it’s nice. Anyways, there have been two mini patches since my last update but they have brought a decent number of stability improvements and two new ships.

The biggest thing I have been battling with is control. Right now I play with a keyboard and mouse but have heard a lot of people using two joysticks, which sounds intriguing.  I dabbled a little in Star Marine, which is the equivalent of a Call of Duty with different types of rounds and customization.  It is pretty awesome though, how in the persistent universe (MMO) part of the game, you can seamlessly fly somewhere, exit your ship, explore or fight etc. It’s pretty sweet stuff. Right now, if you commit an offensive act against another player, and you die, you will respawn in a station called Grim Hex. It is an overrun prison. And the art/detail is quite amazing. Unlike in/around Port Olisar, weapons are free so you can immediately engage other people within the station or outside. It is essentially the Tortuga of Star Citizen at the moment. It is going to be amazing when players are able to build outposts, hopefully in space.

I dropped my one seater, the Avenger Stalker and picked up a bundle during the Drake sale (one manufacturer of ships-mainly ships built for piracy, although the company denies any dabbling in the dark arts). I picked up a Cutlass Black and a Buccaneer.

The Cutlass is 3 crew (pilot/co-pilot/gunner) with a decent cargo hold. It recently went under a rework which added more guns, a tractor beam (mechanics yet to be implemented) and the side doors open like a Blackhawk helicopter for boarding parties (pictured below).

Image uploaded from iOS(11)

The Buccaneer (pictured below) is a heavily armed, 4 forward facing guns and an unmanned turret. It is quite nimble but it has kinda weak defenses.

Image uploaded from iOS(10)

I figured the Black would be great for my crew to pillage while the Bucc can assist in any pesky do-gooders trying to help the prey. Oh, did I mention our focus is going to be piracy and or bounty hunting? Well, it is.

Eventually, players will be able to fly the much larger ships, ones that can carry smaller craft. So, eventually, I am sure we will set up shop on one of the smaller carriers or frigates with a base/treasure room on a distant planet.

In the mean time while the game continually chugs towards Beta then final release I will still scour the galaxy for the great game.

I haven’t checked Steam yet but I doubt there are any new, great, massive open-world space games. If anyone here has any suggestions??

EVE is still intriguing but I haven’t returned to it full time yet.
If you are so inclined, jump on SC, they have really affordable starter packages. This game will be made, it is not vaporware. Try it out.

Until next time, not too much later, fly safe and hopefully see you in the verse. O7


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