When I first caught wind that Lions Gate was going to be rebooting Power Rangers, I was excited beyond belief. I was also tremendously worried that they would ruin a huge portion of my childhood memories. Look, I know how absurd that seems, how is something going to ruin your childhood? I also laughed at all the people who were saying the same thing about the Ghost Busters remake (which I didn’t understand why they were upset, I enjoyed it, but then again, I saw Ghost Busters on VHS, I wasn’t around when the first one came out and I was 1 when the second one hit theaters). But that’s Ghost Busters, this is Power Rangers, this isn’t my older friends stuff that could be “ruined” this is my things! My nostalgia! I know it’s selfish, but let’s be honest, that’s how we all are unless you are a hyper emotionally evolved person, to whom I would say congratulations.  Anyway, with all this worry and all this excitement today, I entered the movie theater prepared for the worse, hoping for the best.
When the final credits rolled, I could only think of one thing.
What a time to be alive.
I sat there in my seat, a single MANLY tear rolling down my cheek as I tried to process what I just watched. Then I realized it, the feeling that I had was the same feeling I had when I first watched The Phantom Menace in 1999. Then again in when The Force Awakens came out in 2015. It was the pure joy of something I loved growing up, still love to this day, returning and returning in an evolved way. I didn’t want to be taken back to Angel Grove in 1993 I want Angel Grove to be brought into 2017 and Jason David Frank as my witness they did a great job of it.
The first thing I really enjoyed the process they created to become the Power Rangers, the team building, the training, earning each other’s trust. I won’t spoil it for you, but it was nice that everything was questioned, they weren’t perfect warriors from the jump and the process was fairly believable. The second thing that I enjoyed was the diversity. Alpha has a line in the movie where he says “Different colored Rangers and different colored kids.” With the way Hollywood had been trending it could have easily been 4 white rangers with a token thrown in there.  I thought it was really cool as well to have Becky G take the role of Trini and have a Latina Ranger, there was also another unique take on the yellow ranger, but since I’m not spoiling you’ll have to hunt for it yourself. I also really liked how they switched around the rangers a bit too, having R.J. Cyler play the nerdy blue ranger was a nice touch as well, even though I would have been ok with him being the Black Ranger, I enjoyed him being the historically nerdy Blue Ranger. Hell, he could have been any Ranger as long as he wasn’t hanging around saying things like “Say word?” “Bruh” and “That’s wack!”
Finally, let’s talk about the person who brought this whole movie together. Elizabeth Banks did a fantastic job as Rita Repulsa, she nailed it. From the action sequences, she had (take note Iron Fist Directors), to the decidedly 90s villain quips she had throughout the film. Her performance, even though it was limited compared to the rest of the rangers, as it should be, was definitely a bright spot. I would highly recommend anyone who grew up watching the original power rangers should go check this out, you will enjoy it.  Also, Stay through the first set of credits, and consider that hint my official vote that they find a woman to be the Green Ranger and make sure to bring back the flute.
Until next time guys.


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