After the disappointment that was Iron Fist, no interest in Horizon Zero Dawn and the last Zelda Game I beat was Ocarina of Time, I was in a bit of a funk. I had caught up on all my anime, my games, there was nothing really left for me to do besides be a productive member of society. Then, like a shining beacon of hope, saving me from small talk and microaggressions, Tales of Berseria appeared.

Tales of Berseria is a prequel to one of the more recent Tales games, Tales of Zesteria. If you played Zesteria you know about the legend of the Sheppard and his quest to rid the world of Demons and Malevolence. While also learning the sad story and plight of the Lord of Calamity, which is the other side of the coin to the Sheppard. Berseria tells you the story of the very first to carry the mantle of Sheppard and the seedy underbelly of the church and its methods in trying to save the world. While also introducing you to the very first Lord of Calamity, and her reasons for trying to kill the Sheppard.

In an awesome twist, Tales of Berseria focuses on the Lord of Calamity, Velvet. Without revealing too much of the story, because I want you to play and experience it for yourself, Velvet is on a quest to bring an end to the Sheppard. However, I will tell you she has been wronged, she has a demon arm that eats other demons and she is my favorite character in Tales series since Milla from Tales of Xillia.

If you’re a fan of JRPGs Berseria is definitely something you want to pick up. The story is fantastic, you will laugh, shed manly tears and enjoy the intense battles. The combat for in Berseria was the best for me out of all the Tales games I have played. Mainly because it was simplified, each button can have its own custom combo mapped out, making it easy to get up chains based on the weaknesses of the monsters you fight.  Also, the “battle wrinkle” for This game was fun and easy to use. By battle wrinkle I mean things like Armatization in Zesteria, and the link system in Xillia, in Berseria you use Velvets demon arm and depending on the type of adversary she attacks with it she gains a special bonus and the ability to prolong her attack combo, which I helpful because you need that to unleash supers.

Also the A.I. in Berseria is pretty good compared to other Tales games, I didn’t have to restrict them the way I needed to in other games, the AI did a good job in keeping the party healed, it wasn’t until I upped the difficulty from normal that I had to spend any amount of time digging into the strategy side, and that was only because I needed extra healing.

Overall, this game was awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the combat was fun and the addition of the minigames was a great addition. This was just the game I needed to tide me over until Persona 5 since I’ve decided to wait on Mass Effect and passed on the others. Go check it out!

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