It’s been a busy last couple of weeks, between trying to become the Cabaret Club King in Yakuza 0 and the endless climb to the promise land in League of Legends, I’ve neglected to watch the anime in my queue. Now, since I have already ascended to the Dragon of Dojima, and since I need a break from the salt mines of Runterra, it’s time to catch up.
Here’s what I’ll be catching up on this weekend:

Konosuba (Season 2)
If you were going to describe it to someone as subway doors close. How would you pitch it?
This teen dies, chooses to get sent to an RPG type world, swindles a god into coming with him, hilarity ensues.
The reason for watching: I think it’s hilarious, and it’s kind of a more realistic take on being put in that position. Not everyone is going to want to be a hero, some people are going to try and make tons of money and use rogue skills to harass and womanize. (Note C.O.A.E.G.M. does not condone harassment or womanizing)

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
If you were going to describe it to someone as subway doors close. How would you pitch it?
A Programmer gets smashed (drunk) one night and agrees to let a Dragon move in with her.

The reason for watching: I’m Partial to all things dragon related and this was a good mix of funny and a tad bit of serious as the dragon adjusts to living in this world.
I also think I am going to give Interviews with Monster Girls a chance, it looks funny and I am all about funny this time around, I’m not in the mood for anything super serious or psychological I just want to laugh. Let me know what you think of these Anime and what YOU are watching this weekend, I am always on the lookout for new anime, but keep it light unless it’s as good as Erased.

Until next time guys, peace.


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