Welcome, all to the first installment of Grinding Through the Galaxy. On a regular weekly basis, I, Lordklutz, will share my travels in today’s MMORPG space. I consider myself a veteran of MMO’s and have dabbled in pretty much every genre, from fantasy, realistic, space and everywhere in between.  My compatriots and I have been in somewhat of a conundrum of late. We can’t find the perfect MMO to satisfy our pirate Dreams! Thus, Grinding through the Galaxy was created, with the goal of finding “THE” MMO for my friends and I.

Now, I know MMORPG’s are like a fine wine to most and one game simply cannot quench the thirst for digital domination for everyone. However, my friends and I have a very specific type of game we are looking for. One, I will expose as we get deeper into the articles.

Now back to me. I play a lot of games on Steam (SG pat.klutz), PS4 (Lord_Klutz_ SG), and just on the computer (direct downloads from the devs). If you look at my Steam library, you will see I have a bit of ADD. Small hours of play spread out over a decent amount of games.

However, most of the games are of the Space/Post apoc genre with some fantasy mixed in. My first love though is space games. If you took the time to read my writer profile, you can see my favorite game is EVE Online. Oh, the temptress. I chose that as my favorite because over the course of the last…7ish years…I have played. But, like so many before me and like so many more after me, I hit the brick wall with EVE. Every time I think I’m out, it drags me back in, back to the dark cold void of space. It almost feels like the makings of a horror movie.

So, how does EVE capture one’s attention so boldly? I’ll explain….

Well, the biggest draw for me is that it is ONE universe. Yes I know it has shards of servers etc but on the login screen, it says there are (for example) 38,923 pilots logged on. Guess what? You can go meet all 38,923. Or kill them Or sell drugs to them, which ever you choose. There is a lore, and in-depth story, but the best stories are of how player empires rise and fall. There is some real House of Cards stuff going on in the player alliances, some of which has made mainstream news.  Players have control over the narrative you or I, we decide. I’ll give an example.

You think “I want to make some money, but I don’t like pew pew (lasers) so I’m going to strip some asteroid belts of their stuffs”. After that you say, “meh I’ll try some pew pew but with missiles because easy mode”.  Alright, now we are getting somewhere. You think, Hey, why not take those stuffs from the asteroids I stripped and make my own missiles instead of paying someone else. *slow golf clap*

Now, you have your little manufacturing operation going like an Apple factory overseas. Then, you catch wind of one of the null sec wars and someone needing missiles, lots of missiles.  It’s 1 am and you’re down for some Lord of War money making, easy bank. BUT WAIT! We can go next level! Why not create an alt (alternate character for the noobz) and supply both sides? You know like Jeff Bridges in Iron Man? Now we are cooking with napalm.

I know a lot of you are saying “cool story bro”. But the point I’m trying to make is it’s your story. Some game dev didn’t write code so you can be the “only savior of the universe for the millionth time”. Now EVE has activities for all play styles; PVE, Mining/Industry, Planetary Interaction, PVP (a lot of PVP) faction wars, Research, Diplomacy, Subterfuge, Pirating, and PVP, if you didn’t notice PVP is important.

EVE lore is pretty damn good too. 4 Factions which range from Religious Zealots (of course) to a faction made up of Corporations. There are no “levels “ for characters in EVE.  Instead, you have skill points. These points are allocated as you learn new skills from skill books. Skill training takes place in real time, even after you log off.

So perfect game for your writer and his co-pilots right? Nope.

EVE is almost perfect. I see two issues with it.

First off, if you don’t have a decent group to play with on a regular basis, you will not last long. Achieving long-term goals or building outposts require teamwork…and time…lots of it. I always dive back in and get with my old Corp, shout out to Sturmgrenadier, and we have grandiose plans of dominating the space lanes only for people to start petering out here and there.

Second, combat is dull. I am by no means whatsoever Captain Harlock or a futuristic Edward Teach. I mainly do PVE against AI pirates. I have always wanted to get into PVP but its hard to get a squad. Also, it is mainly tab targeting. You target your enemies, then click your weapons which cycle automatically. You can orbit or fly away or fly towards your enemy etc. That’s it. That’s combat in a basic nutshell. Missiles are true fire and forget (have to be wary of missile size vs target size and distance) while projectile weapons/lazors/midget circus cannons take into account speed, how you rotate around your target and the weapons tracking. As Alex so often tells me it’s way to Star Trek, when what I’m looking for is Star Wars.

Now if there is a larger battle going on, CCP, the developers and pretty cool ladies and gents all around, has developed a technology called time dilation to handle the server load. Remember, we are all on one server so Time dilation slows down time to a crawl.

Those are pretty much the drawbacks.

So in our first tryst into the dark, cold, and ever expansive universe together, we learned EVE is pretty fucking cool but has some drawbacks. However, guys and gals we are trying to find THE game, not just A game. EVE has a lot of characteristics I want in a game; beautiful, expansive, single server. But it’s missing the high pace, Do a Barrel roll! combat that I need.

For now, I suppose I’ll log into EVE (damn you). My character name is Lordklutz if you’re interested in a little pew pew action yourself. Otherwise, I’ll traverse the endless void, contemplating where to look next for the perfect Space MMO. I hope to see you in-game at some point. Leave suggestions in the comments below, until the next Grinding Through the Galaxy. Fly safe o7



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