Every kid has that moment when they try to figure out if they have super powers or not. Depending on the cartoon or TV show you grew up on, you do different things. For example, all the superman kids tied the towel or sheet around the neck and jumped off something hoping you’d take off high into the sky. The Batman Kids, enjoyed unseasoned chicken while calling their nanny Alfred for no reason, and avoiding dark alleys. Me, well as much as I’d like to lie to you, my first try was attempting to use the force on my mom to get her to buy some captain crunch. My mom, however, is a pretty big nerd herself and reminded me that Jedi Mind Tricks only work on the weak-minded, before flicking me in the forehead. Needless to say, this made me cool it with trying out the super powers for a while.

Flash forward a couple years, I’m around 7 or 8 and a new show had me believing again I could be super, that show was Dragon Ball Z.  I fell asleep nights holding two fingers to my forehead and focusing as hard as I could on another place hoping to instant transmission. I would stare long and hard at the full moon other nights, hoping to feel some change within.  I would even stand in the back yard at my grandma’s house holding my hands in the air, trying to get the planet to lend me its power. I loved the show, even when the five-minute battle took 6 episodes to complete. It was an integral part of my Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings if you got up early enough to catch that Kids WB on Sunday. By the time it got to Toonami, I was fully indoctrinated and super fan, looking for anything DBZ related. Even if it meant risking the life of the family computer downloading the Movies off Limewire.

When I found out Dragon Ball Z super was going to be created, to capitalize on the momentum of the latest two movies, I was hyped. Although, I was worried because I tend to worry about things I love being ruined. Even though I loved the latest two movies, I was fearing, how they would make a series that takes place at the end of the original series, but before Dragon Ball GT which followed Z.
It’s safe to say if you loved Dragon Ball Z you should Definitely be watching Dragon Ball Super.
Not only was I pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the original story in Dragon Ball Z Super, but the series has exceeded my expectations completely. Even though it starts off slow, kind of recapping what happened in Resurrection F and Battle of the Gods, the first two arcs have been fantastic. The Universe Tournament was great, it brought back all that classic Dragon Ball Z Nostalgia, the action looks amazing in HD and the new characters like Hit and Cabbage were cool additions to the universe. The Future Trunks/Black Goku Saga was also epic, exploring some darker subjects that aren’t in the original series.
I mean guys, even the fillers were awesome! Watching Gohan going home and being a family man, yet being ready throw hands when some hot shot tries to get fresh with his wife, was AMAZING! Watching poor Krillin, struggle with the fear of being killed, yet wanting to protect his family was something that tugged at my heart strings.
But what has me so excited is the beginning of the next major story arc, The Tournament of Power. Without spoiling what you find out throughout the series, the Tournament of Power is pretty much all the bad asses in all the universes are going to battle it out, for the king of all creation.  There’s a lot of new characters and I am really curious to see how it plays out especially because I believe the new intro for Dragon Ball Super hints a new form for Goku. Below is a screen cap of the intro and looks to me like Goku could be taking it to the next level.
Looks like something new is coming to me, Maybe a Super Saiyan Red? Super Saiyan God 2? I don’t know, but it looks like its going to be cool. Here is the trailer for the Tournament, complete with a cameo from my favorite Character of all time Broly!

Here is the trailer for the Tournament, complete with a cameo from my favorite Character of all time Broly!

If you’re not watching Dragon Ball Super, you should be, check it out.



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