Over the life of COAEGM there will be other people who contribute in various ways. In order to give you a little bit of insight into them, I came up with a little “At a glance” Survey. Today you will learn a bit about a new contributor, Patrick AKA LordKlutz. Keep an eye out for the first installment of Grinding Through the Galaxy as Patrick starts his journey trying to find the perfect MMO game for us to play.


Lets Checkout the survey and learn more about Pa-LordKlutz.


Primary Gaming Platform: PC but dabble on PS4

Favorite Game (All Time): EVE Online

Favorite Sports Game: NCAA Football

Favorite Sports Teams

NBA: Sac Kings…because I live in Sacramento

NFL: Patriots!! Jk, 49ers, gotta support the home team.

MLB: Giants of course, even in the Odd years

NCAAF:  Oregon Ducks

NCAAB: Whoever I picked to win in my bracket during march madness

MLS:  Does Sac Republic count?

UEFA: Any team with black, red, and yellow horizontal stripes

Favorite Movie: Tough one….Unfortunately, I’ll have to break the rules and put 3. Superbad, Siccario, and John Wick

Favorite Anime: Trying to get more into anime…Rick and Morty sure is cool

Why you’re here: I’m here so you can all read/listen to me rant about video games. And I’m friends with the Boss.

Describe yourself with a movie quote: “No one’s gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since ‘Nam”

– Seth, Superbad


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