Well, I’ve hit the quarter mark in our online MyLeague on NBA2k17, I had to power ahead of the Comish and G, that way I could soothe my wayward tendencies by playing other games while they catch up. I must admit, after 21 games I’m proud of myself for not throwing any controllers, and the cursing has been kept to a minimum. Before I get into what I’ve learned, let’s look at my stats so far.
Record 20-1
User Record 1-0
Team Stats:
Points Per Game: 84
Points Allowed Per Game: 70
Field Goal percentage: 52.5%
Opponent Field Goal percentage: 41.8%

Team Leaders:
Points Per Game: LeBron James 21.9
Rebounds Per Game Kevin Love 8.7
Assists Per Game:  8.9

What have I learned?
The number one thing I have learned in the first 21 games of this season is that it’s a lot more fun in MyPlayer, when you say “F This play” and run around in circles till you get open and jack up that three. It’s not so much fun when you are trying to run a set play, and Kyle Korver decides he’s not going to run off two screens like the play says. He has decided he is going to stand in the corner and either wait for me to feed him the rock while he’s in the corner, or wait for a 3 in the key violation because Tristan Thompson is going to stand there until Kyle uses that screen.
I’ve also learned, that no one on the Cavs enjoys driving an open lane to the hoop and dunking. Instead of taking the two steps and dunking it down for an easy bucket, they take these stupid 2 and 3-foot jumpers, which they miss a lot more than they make. This dreadfully painful occurrence happens at least 2 to 4 times a game and is the main reason I scream and curse at my TV and wake my dog up from his naps.
The last, and most infuriating thing I have learned is that apparently, I cannot knock down open shots, I nearly threw my controller into the TV as Korver, Kyrie Irving, J.R. Smith, Kevin Love, Channing Frye all missed wide open threes in my User Game vs G. Normally I would rage about latency issues, but I kept myself calm by leaning on the logic that, sometimes shooters have off nights. Then, it happened, god knows I wish I had video, but the rage blinded me.
To keep G from cheesing me to death with Jimmy Butler I was cheating off his Big men to help clog the lane, Robin Lopez and Taj Gibson aren’t knocking down any 3s, right?  I mean Robin Lopez has never made a 3 in his entire NBA Career and Taj Gibson is 2-28 in his Career. While I was imagining in my mind Mark Jackson, giving me props for my high basketball IQ, Butler hits Taj Gibson in the corner AND TAJ 2-28 IN HIS MOTHER F-ING CAREER KNOCKED IT DOWN! That 3 pointer, that only cut my lead down to 14 points. almost cost me the entire game as I was tilted until the 4th quarter. After that, I decided all I would do was pound the ball inside and came away with a win.
Lord help me keep the frustration in check, I just want to knock down open 3s like in real basketball.

Keep Kyle Korver in your prayers, at least keep NBA 2K17 Kyle Korver in your prayers.

I’ll check back in when I hit the halfway point, hopefully, I’ll be able to knock down wide open threes by then.


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