Every person who has ever finished an RPG game knows the feeling. It’s an odd concoction of satisfaction, mixed with a little bit of sorrow with a little tiny Salt Bae sprinkle of angst. It’s the feeling you get when you finish a game completely, and I don’t mean you beat the final boss. I mean that feeling you get when you beat the Final Final boss, the post-game boss that has 5 million HP. That boss that when you first come across it, you can’t even fathom doing enough damage to take it down. That platinum Trophy earning boss.
If you’ve never finished an RPG game in your life, first, shame on you, second, it’s that same feeling you get when you’ve finished binge-watching an entire series and get to the final episode. And I don’t mean the final episode of the season, where instead of a twinge of angst its excitement, at the possibilities that could happen in the next season. No, I mean the end of the road, that’s all she wrote folks, roll credits for the last time.
The game causing me this feeling, is Final Fantasy XV, one of 2016’s Blockbuster games and quite frankly, Square Enix’s return to Prime Time. If you haven’t heard of Final Fantasy XV or just haven’t bothered to look into it, I’m not going to give you a full recap, I did that with my friends over at The Last Checkpoint Podcast, you can find the review cast Here. However, the cliff notes version is, Prince Noctis and three of his closest homies have to take back the kingdom, suffer major psychological torture via intercom, get revenge, collect weapons and make the perfect cup of noodles. With all the traditional Japanese storytelling elements of responsibility, growth, and self-sacrifice mixed in along the way.
Normally I avoid trying to finish an RPG game to competition and earning that platinum trophy on PlayStation. Mainly, because they always have some ridiculously outrageous requirement, like beat the game on Hell Fury, Super Saiyan, Unlimited Hakumen, God mode. Without using potions, weapons, gear, the D-pad or saving. Then the only way to even attempt this task is by beating it on the slightly less difficult, every monster one hit kills you, setting.
Thankfully, Final Fantasy XV didn’t have anything like that, and all I needed to do to earn my Platinum Trophy and bring my journey to an end, was get all the peripheral skills to level 10.

Oh and Kill a turtle the size of a mountain, no biggy.

I knew the easy part was killing the giant turtle, what was going to be difficult was getting the Cooking, fishing and survival skills to level 10. Luckily for me, while I was wandering the extra dungeons trying to get a high enough level to face Mount Turtle, I was able to get those skills up within a decent amount of time.

Also, shout out to the homie Enrique, for giving me the idea to wrap rubber bands around the controller and let Noctis Jog in circles. Made getting the survival skill to level 10 a lot easier.

Anyways once I got the last skill trophy, which for me was cooking I decided that I was going to waste any more time. My party was around level 83, so I decided to take my chance at killing the Turtle God, AKA the Adamantoise. I knew was going to take a while, for heaven’s sake the damn turtle HAD 5 million HP, but I started up the mission and headed off to wrap this whole saga up. After about 30 minutes of wild button mashing, constant elixirs, phoenix downs and even a cameo by Shiva, I felled the mighty beast. I turned in my quest and the last trophy popped up followed by that all-important Platinum trophy.

I did it, the deed was done, I really enjoyed this game, for all its ins and outs, the story, and even the wonky fighting started to grow on me after I realized how important blocking and parrying was. I wish the camera during the Adamantoise fight was better, if it was I would have posted the Video of the fight, instead, I’ll say my farewell to Final Fantasy XV by sharing some of my favorite clips of my Journey along the way.

Like that time Aranea showed up to help… After the fight was over.

Then there was that time Shiva didn’t think I could handle two Giraffes.

Finally, my favorite clip,  The Crown Prince simply does not look at explosions.

Geez, there’s that feeling again, I guess I better run out and buy Tales of Berseria to fill the gap left by Noctis and the crew. Until Next time, See ya.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Final Fantasy XV It was fun

  1. I’m having more fun playing tales of berseria / lost odssey than this game. It just doesn’t cut it for me. If i had to choose between this and FFXIII – the latter gets my vote. That female character looks a bit like Light. That’s just me though.

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      1. berseria is alot better. that’s just my opinion though xDD. sorey is that naive, honest lead with an ideal view of optimisim and trying to save everyone. Velvet (1st female lead) just wants revenge. The interactions with the cast are more colorful than zesteria. also to note berseria is a prequel.


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