The year is 2008, I lay in my dorm on my entirely too small twin bed, the hum of the air conditioner combating the Hawaiian Humidity, is only drowned out by loud music informing everyone in Hale Anuenue that Webbie, Lil’ Phat, Lil’ Boosie and I can all spell Independent. I was playing my fresh new copy of NCAA Football 2009, starting up my first Dynasty Mode of the new season with USC. My dormmate walks in, sees I am playing NCAA and asks me if I wanted to join him and his friends in their Online Dynasty. I snapped up the chance to join, most of my friends didn’t really enjoy sports video games, and no one was really into playing multiple years of an online dynasty.

I was excited for the chance to have some fun competition recruiting and playing against other people. However, my dormmate warned me, it’s just for fun, and that the commissioner of our league’s younger brother destroyed everyone year after year. It was because of this warning when I saw that first User Game vs University of Florida I was as nervous as if it was an actual game. Sure, taking an L would be understandable, this guy wins every year, right? But the wise words of Detective James Carter, from the first Rush Hour movie, were in the back of my mind the entire time my sweaty palms grasped that controller during our game.

“I ain’t no punk bitch either!”

That’s why there was ZERO hesitation when I scored the touchdown to make it 20 to 21, that I was going for the win and not over time. Tyrell Pryor hit Brian Hartline in the corner of the end zone to complete the 2-pt Conversion and give my squad the 22-21 victory. Confetti might as well fallen from the sky, it was pure elation, especially when my dormmate got back from his classes and word had already reached him. I had made it, I felt like I had passed the initiation and I was in. Fast forward 8+ years and countless more NCAA Football Online Dynasties later those guys have become great friends and we still compete at various games, keeping the memory of that Original Dynasty going.

The Dynasty never dies, it just comes back as something new.

This time its NBA 2K17 and were competing in the online My League mode.


The Run Down

The Comish, as we (read I) call him, caught the NBA fever, and challenged the dynasty, by the way, that’s how we refer to ourselves, to a test of endurance and skill in an online league. Having grown increasingly frustrated with the Milwaukee Bucks being selfish and freezing out my sharpshooting Small Forward in MyPlayer mode, I was ready for the chance to try something new and maybe rebuild the fledgling Sacramento Kings Franchise in a way that would make Bobby Jackson proud. However, the challenge came with a huge caveat, no roster moves.The Comish is big on authenticity and didn’t want a whole bunch of random people on random teams, which I can understand. It didn’t matter to me I was going to join. However, one Dynasty member is busy saving the world one child at a time, the other scoffed at the idea and returned his copy of NBA 2K17, leaving three of us.

The Teams

Comish: The Sacramento Kings. Thank God, he made this pick, he’s solidifying his new Kings fandom and saved me from having to be them.

G: The Chicago Bulls.  G isn’t short for Gangsta, but that’s his team, he and his LeBron hating Bulls are the favorites to win the League.

Me: Cleveland Cavaliers. First off, stop rolling your eyes. I needed a team I could be happy with for 82 games with no unauthentic roster moves.

The Rules (as set by the Comish)

Difficulty: All-Star

Quarter Length: 8 minutes

CPU Quarter Length: 10 minutes (So they don’t average an unreasonable amount of points compared to us.

No Roster Moves.

No Simulating, or Live Simulating

Sliders: image-uploaded-from-ios3image-uploaded-from-ios4image-uploaded-from-ios2

Next Update

I’ll check back in when I reach the quarter mark in the season, where I’ll tell you everything I hate about NBA 2k17. Or,  I’ll tell you how LeBron is crushing the league and I’m going to win it all.


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