Over the life of COAEGM there will be other people who contribute in various ways. In order to give you a little bit of insight into them, I came up with a little “At a glance” survey. Since the first few posts will be by yours truly, I decided to start off with one myself.


Primary Gaming Platform: PlayStation 4

Favorite Game (All Time): Power Stone 2

Favorite Sports Game: NCAA Football (RIP)

Favorite Sports Teams

NBA:  I’ve been a staunch LeBron supporter since 2006, but I am trying to support the new Sacramento Kings movement.

NFL: Tennessee Titans

MLB: I don’t really watch baseball

NCAAF: USC Trojans. Man, I miss online dynasty mode.

NCAAB: Whoever I picked to win in my bracket during march madness

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes

UEFA: Chelsea FC

Favorite Movie: Empire Strikes Back

Favorite Anime: Outlaw Star

Why you’re here: I am the Owner/President of blog operations for COAEGM. Ill oversee scouting, talent acquisition and the lead voice in the war room during the draft.

Describe yourself with a movie quote: “You do not yet realize your importance. You’ve only begun to discover your power! Join me, and I will complete your training! With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict, and bring order to the galaxy.”

– Darth Vader


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