Confessions of an Electronic General Manager is the realization of a blog I decided to start as a fun project to document all the funny and interesting things that happen to me, as I ride this giant mud ball in circles around the sun. Then after a heated text exchange with some friends about how overrated the Minnesota Vikings defense is, I thought to myself, maybe I should write about the sports conversations and Arguments I get into with friends? It was a great idea until later the same day when I found myself talking with another friend about which Gundam Wing pilot was the real MVP.

For the record, it’s Quatre, it’s true, one-day ill break it down for you.

Anyways, the next day when I was going through my messages, I had to stop and laugh at myself. How many people have argued how overrated an NFL defense is and how overrated Heero Yuy is as a Gundam pilot, in the same 24-hour span? Then it hit me, why not just have a space for it all?

So, after months of deliberation, and putting things off, I decided to start COAEGM. If you like Star Wars, NFL, NBA, Video Games, Anime, or ridiculous arguments settled then, this is for you.

On behalf of all the others who will contribute and myself, welcome to Confessions of an Electronic General Manager.


One thought on “Welcome to Confessions of an Electronic General Manager

  1. Nice intro dude!! xDD. Welcome to the world of blogging / aniblogging if you’re going to be focusing on anime. Looking forward to your posts whether it is on video games or anime. NFL / NBA not so sure on.

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